Selenium Basics

Basics of Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver

Testing Frameworks

TDD Frameworks -JUnit, TestNG
BDD Frameworks -Cucumber-JVM, Jbehave

Selenium - Design Patterns

Page Object Model

Selenium - Supporting Java APIs

Apache POI, JExcel, JSch, log4j2, JDBC, FileIO, JavaMail


Basics of Appium for Testing of Android Apps/WebApps


Sending SOAP/REST Request using SoapUI, Create TestCases, Load Testing


SOAP/REST API testing, WS-Security, HTTP Request recording...

Random Topics

It is never possible to achieve automation objectives just with Selenium. Knowing core java and utilizing different open source libraries plays important role in achieving your targets. Here i will be posting Random Topics about how I achieved some tasks using different libs and tools. These topics may not be related to selenium, It can be anything like jQuery, SQL, XSLT etc. Not being bound by any agreement ;). Hope you will find it useful.

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